Tuesday, 14 February 2012

You might be interested in this Mini Job website

Could be worth a visit to www.marketing-yourself.co.uk to see if it is for you.


  1. I have been looking into how to get a job in mystery shopping, I had a post in a company called JKS for a temp work. It was really a great job and i learnt so much about the retail industry from it.

  2. Hi, Thanks for your post. It's just an idea, but why don't you join Marketing Yourself, and then make an offer for your locality, offering to do a Mystery Shopper visit, at a selected price?

    Could be that when you have done a few it would be a lot easier to get selected by the larger companies.

    Good Luck

  3. A Mystery Shopper goes into establishments and poses as a regular customer. While there they may make a purchase, ask questions or make a return. After the visit the mystery shopper completes an evaluation report that summarizes their interaction during their visit. Mystery Shopping is used so companies can find out how their employees interact with customers.

    Mystery shopper New York

  4. Exactly. It is also the same when I do Mystery Shopping of websites, you should see the problems some sites have.